Enable your enterprise with the proper tools

Focus on what matters

Grow your business according to your plans

In today’s fast changing market, most organizations are relying on information technology to support their business processes and drive their operations. Up until now, bigger organizations have had a competitive edge over smaller businesses, because of their capacity to buy, deploy and support productivity enhancing solutions.

At Kabesa, we believe that this era is over and we are dedicated to delivering affordable “large enterprise productivity enhancing solutions” to smaller businesses.  


Your operational overhead without decreasing the quality of your services


Your business processes and achieve more in less time


Your performances and adjust your strategy accordingly


Your enterprise faster and more effectively

What we do

What we do is pretty straight forward. We are dedicated to helping small and medium businesses perform better by providing flexible, scalable and most importantly affordable IT solutions.  Even though every client and project are unique, we deliver all of them with three things in mind.

Reduce your IT charges

We take a look at your current IT charges and focus on minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your applications.

Enhance your productivity

We analyse your business processes and systems and focus on providing solutions that will allow you to work more efficiently.

Maximize the value of you business

We establish a strategy in which we increase the value of your organization.

Consulting services are at the core of our offering and we excel at it. Every intervention relies on a structured framework and takes into consideration the level of maturity of the organization we are working with.
Training is our “second love” and we are passionate about it. Each of our sessions are adapted to the audience we are presenting too and we can cover topics from the end-user to the administrator.
Whether you need assistance with a planned intervention or in a spontaneous manner, we can support your team from the end enquiries to a loss of service.

Always stay connected to coworkers, information and conversations. Tap into your network to find exactly what you need and discover things you didn’t know to quickly make decisions.
Office 365
Lower IT costs, always have the latest features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other office applications. Work online or offline, from your desk or on the go with any mobile device. Work with SharePoint Online, Project Online, Power BI, Delve, Exchange Online, Lync Online, CRM Dynamics Online.
Microsoft Azure
Provision Windows, Linux Virtual Machines and applications in Microsoft’s datacenter in just a few minutes and use the same virtual machines and management tools in Azure that you use on-premises.
Share ideas, discover answers and keep track of what your colleagues are working on. Publish content to SharePoint from any Office application. Share documents, and keep in touch with your colleagues from your any mobile device.
Project Server
Enable Project teams to see tasks, enter timesheets, and flag issues and risks. Empower teams to drive the business with real time reporting on project statuses and resource allocation. Define business drivers, effectively evaluate ideas, and measure the strategic contribution of competing requests.
Reporting Services
Visualize interactive, tabular, graphical or free-form reports exposing data from relational, multidimensional, or XML-based data sources from your SharePoint portal.